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The realm of Dave Dance,

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Thursday, July 3rd, 2003
1:54 am

All I wanna know is why am I not on the credits? ;P

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Friday, June 20th, 2003
2:32 am

Bit O' Bad news.

Since I couldnt find a jambox today, no scenes for reloaded will be filmed at Methuen High.

Oh well. Filming will begin sometime next week.

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Thursday, June 12th, 2003
1:48 pm - Interviewed!

Cory: i have a series of questions i wish to ask in a press confrence like manner
Cory: how many songs will be in it?
Dave: go nuts.
Dave: My estimate is 5 or 6, possibly 7 or even 8. I want the final product to equal out to about 10 minutes in length including introduction and credits.
Cory: how many people you think are going to be involved with this?
Dave: Well, The main people working on it will be Johnny Z and myself. Mr. Z has shown great excitement in helping me with this project and I look foward to working with him. Of course, there will be dave dance songs that have guests that are also dancing, some borderlining on partners for some songs, yourself included. I may also, depending on how things go, create a theatrical trailer and a version with directors commentary. So, in essence, it can be anywhere from 4 to 10 people.
Cory: this new dave dance is said to be brought in a series of locations, you think you can give us a sneak peak on where?
Dave: Well, I can tell you the majority will be in private residences or public (as in government or state law public) places, I will tell you I cannot do any scenes in the mall, or at the loop, or any place of business, as you can get in serious trouble for filming there. Know that the last fact causes me great distaste.
Cory: this fact was posted on the web recently "Unfortunately, Angrry Robot's casing was damaged, and I don't know if he'll be in the condition to make it."
Cory: now as a friend, we;ve both helped with eachothers carrers for some time...you think i could get a better explanation
Dave: Well, Angry Robot is an alter ego of mine that can only be born when the costume is donned, the sides of the costumes were ripped badly, and, unless I can make a replacement, something that is looking very pessimistic right now, he cannot make it.
Cory: Tough for all those fans out there. Now if i may be at a more personal level, what inspired you to created a sequel to the original Dave Dance Revolution.
Dave: However, keep in mind, I replaced him with a very personal friend for I love love you, I do not think fans of DaveDR will be dissappointed.
Dave: Well, a sequel was first suggested by my friend Boddah, who highly enjoyed the first. As actual DDR has had something like 34 sequels, I figured at least one would be the next natural step.
Cory: Do you think you will end DaveDR on a creative high note? or is there a possibility that, dare i say, a third one could be possible?
Dave: I would love to do a third one, but Reladed is already more than enough to handle at the moment. After I get this done, i will pick through it, find what improvements must be made, and just maybe a successor to that may be born.
Cory: Now, what styles of music/performances are we expected to see from this?
Dave: styles? Well, mostly dance with some techno, that is the response that make sense, however, I do have quite the number of suprises in store that I cannot reveal at this time.
Cory: if i may ask a personal request, do you believe i can have an interview with some of the people involved such as Johnny Z and Angry Robot?
Dave: I shall inquire Mr. Z at a later date. As I said, Angry robot might not be able to make it, so I canot respond at this time.
Cory: Now it has leaked around the press the you might actually be singing in this new movie. How do you reply?
Dave: Well, I can sing, and it would not toally be out of place. Lets just say it has one major suprise that involves lots of things and I dont really want to spoil anything.
Cory: Will there be auditions for dave dance dancers?
Dave: Maybe next time around. I've already signed up all the special guests for Reloaded.
Cory: i only have time for a few more questions according to your security, so i'll ask the important one- When should we expect the final project?
Dave: Well, I expect to get filming done anywhere from late June to mid-July. The Powerbook, where I hope to do the bulk of post-production, is not in my possession yet, so the cards all depend on the date when I get it. I will have a general idea of when very soon. At the absolute latest, DaveD: R will be out the first few days of September
Cory: Any words for your fans out there?
Dave: Yes. Get a better hobby.
Cory: Thank you for all your time Mr. Howell, and i hope to have an actual video interview with you by late june
Dave: Don't get your hopes up, but anything is possible. Remember that.

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Tuesday, June 10th, 2003
11:19 pm - .

still don't know why i joined...

current mood: fuckin beat ass tired

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12:53 am

This is the last update in my journal about Dave Dance Reloaded before this community was created, and is little more than a christening.

Dave Dance: Reloaded is nearing the completions of its planning stages, sooner than later, I'll be yoinking up Johnny Z and we gonna be filming this shizzy. Unfortunately, Angrry Robot's casing was damaged, and I don't know if he'll be in the condition to make it. I will update nothing, as I want to keep most of it element of suprise oriented.

My journal will no longer be updated with Dave Dance progress, if you're one of the few on my friends list who awaits DD: R with unbelievable delight, do join for progress updates and things of the like. If you have any suggestions on it, this is a commnity, so, fire away, in comment or entry form.

current mood: accomplished

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